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Welcome to events500i

The events management software that helps you maximise your revenue from initial enquiry to final invoice

Whether you're catering for 10 or 10,000 people, it can manage every detail of your event with a focus on operational efficiency and outstanding service, streamlining the booking process and improving staff productivity.

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Meticulously plan & document even the most complex wedding

Why choose events500i?

Its rapid enquiry handling for meetings, events, weddings, banquets or specialist hire adds efficiency and eliminates paperwork by removing duplicate entry of data and booking details

Multiple Venues

Easy venue switching makes us perfect for both single and multiple venue organisations


Harness the power of the web and use us on any device, anywhere, anytime

Instant Proposals

Your proposal will hit your prospect's inbox seconds after them putting the phone down. Giving you the best chance to convert your new business enquires

Contract Signing

Easily generate and send contracts to your customers, which they can then digitally sign without the need for any printing or scanning

Tab Based Design

Limitless tabs can be opened simultaneously so that multiple bookings, companies & contacts can be accessed & worked on


Build sales strategies with comprehensive CRM functionality specifically designed to help you improve customer relations and increase sales

Task Diary

Automated task diary management designed to emulate the booking process and improve the conversion of enquiries to bookings

Schedule Chases

Automatic chases scheduled at each step of the booking process ensures key activities are completed, maximising your opportunity to upsell and increase your revenue


Our comprehensive reporting tool makes manually inputting report data a thing of the past, freeing up time for more important things


Analyse and track patterns in your data on all areas of your business with simple, easy to understand charts and graphs

Custom Installation

Every installation is configured to suit your venue's precise needs


Bespoke customisation can be developed to ensure you get exactly what you need from events500i

Customer Portal

Give your customers the ability to view their events and create their own documentation all in one place

System Integration

Integrate your accounts and other systems into events500i, saving you time and keeping your records consistent

Online Bookings

Save your employees time by integrating with our online booking system embedded directly into your website

Upgrade your venue
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Conferences & Meetings
From 10-1000 people, events500i helps you manage every detail

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Designed to be fast, powerful, and intuitive, our brand new browser based system enables you to manage every detail of the booking process, maximising your employees time and helping you to increase your revenue


Track and analyse your data effortlessly with our state of the art dashboard. A carefully crafted combination of bar, line, and pie charts enables you to spot patterns in your business you would never otherwise have seen. We offer more than 15 out of the box solutions and create bespoke charts specific to you and your venues needs.

Event Diary

Understand what's happening in your venue on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis at a glance with our clear and powerful event diary. Easily access bookings and their associated records without ever having to open a new page, keeping your workspace organised and manageable. Try out our brand new quick update feature and experience another one of the ways events500i makes your life easier.

Task Diary

Help your employees manage their time more efficiently with our easy to use Task Diary. Whether its a task created automatically at booking time, or a custom task you've added yourself, you'll find them all clearly laid out for you on a daily basis. Easily access and open records from within the task diary, further maximising the new level of efficiency your staff will be able to achieve.


Our comprehensive reporting system means there's nothing in your business you won't have a handle on. Precise cost breakdowns, detailed company and contact overviews, and an in-depth look at what the team have been doing is just the tip of an informational iceberg. Never miss a thing again with events500i.

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Sarova Hotel

Switching our M&E Diary system to events500 was not a difficult decision. Installation and training was conducted very efficiently and professionally, making it a simple and painless process. I can honestly say that every member of the teams across all hotels love it, a vast modern and up to date improvement on our previous diary.

Group Revenue Manager
National Conference Centre conference room

The ways in which events500 would benefit the National Conference Centre were clear from the start. It has saved time in our sales department by reducing their administration and paperwork significantly and this has improved their efficiency overall. For example, we’re able to replicate entire bookings from our regular customers at the click of a button. Finally, it was important that the changeover was as smooth as possible, both in terms of technology and staff training. Thanks to their professional trainers and in addition to the fact that the events500 is very user friendly, the software was up and running quickly and all the relevant members of the team were confident using the software by the end of the sessions.

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Our Online Solutions

Our online solutions are designed to save your employees time by eliminating the need for so much back and forth between staff and customer

Online Bookings

Enable your customers to make online enquires or fully paid bookings using our online booking system. Available to be embedded directly into your website or as a stand-alone page, we custom design every system to match your branding, and can integrate with any payment provider, whether you are currently using one or not.


Provide your customers with instant access to custom designed proposals, digitally signable contracts, concise invoices, and a variety of other documents at the click of a button. All can be quickly converted to PDF, are available in a range of colour schemes, and are easy to manage using our customer portal, where your customers can log in to generate and view all of their own documentation whenever they please.

Christmas Parties
Private functions or party nights, events500i streamlines the process

Trusted by our clients

Each of our installations can be configured to suit precise business, venue and event type requirements. Join other leading venues using events500 to improve their business

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